In paperback and Kindle formats! Harlan C. Verdie's two books; "92 Affirmations for Mediocrity" and his follow up book "94 Affirmations for Mediocrity for Salespeople" are now available on and

Amazon Reviews:

Move over 50 Shades number 11 is coming through. Very funny, very quick to read and I bet everyone who reads it will recognize one or two affirmations either in themselves or in others. Even the "about the author" is comedic. A book I would like to have on the coffee table.
What a silly book. This one certainly cannot be taken on face value for if we read into it, we will get depressed. I remember a time when these affirmations were too true, I think I was the queen of the mediocre club in my town when I was in my twenties. We try hard but just enough. For all the seriousness of self improvement and a higher spiritual level, this book reminds us that we also need a sense of humor.